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Gluck Releases Third Research Report

Apr 26th, 12
The 2011 Research Report focuses on the University of Kentucky Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center faculty's research accomplishments and scientific publications during the 2011 calendar year....Read More »

Tendon Lesions in Horses: Treatment and Prognosis

Apr 25th, 12
One researcher explained that any laceration located below the elbow or stifle has the potential to damage a major tendon and, thus, put the horse at risk for "crippling lameness."...Read More »

Rabies Confirmed in Florida Horse

Apr 25th, 12
Although affected horses are sometimes asymptomatic, an infected horse can show behavioral changes such as drowsiness, depression, fear, or aggression. Once clinical signs appear, there are no treatment options....Read More »

Horse Council Sets National Issues Forum

Apr 25th, 12
The forum will address marketing initiatives for the equine industry as well as changes in federal advocacy, including reliance on social media....Read More »

Three-Day Eventing Horse Inspections

Apr 24th, 12
Horse inspections are designed to evaluate the horse's "fitness to compete" in the competition ahead; they're not designed to be as in-depth as the first veterinary examination at an event or as a typical soundness or prepurchase examination....Read More »

Lawsuit Challenges AQHA Cloned Horse Registration Policy

Apr 24th, 12
The complaint asks the court to order the AQHA to remove Rule 227(a)--which prohibits the registration of cloned horses or their offspring--on grounds that the ban violates antitrust laws....Read More »

RMTC Discusses Racing Medications, Names Interim Director

Apr 24th, 12
Items discussed included updates on RMTC-funded drug administration studies and the research being conducted under the RMTC-funded post-doctoral program, future research efforts, and current threats to racing integrity, including clenbuterol....Read More »

Gluck Center Researchers to Speak at KER Conference

Apr 24th, 12
Martin Nielsen, DVM, PhD, Dipl. EVPC, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, and Amanda Adams, PhD, assistant professor at the Gluck Center, will speak at the 18th Kentucky Equine Research Conference....Read More »

Kentucky Derby Hopeful Receives Shock Wave Therapy

Apr 24th, 12
I'll Have Another, a hopeful for this year's Kentucky Derby, has been automatically placed on the veterinarian's list in California after undergoing shock wave therapy on his back, which reportedly has a tendency to "tighten up a little."...Read More »

Domestic Equids Can Still 'Chill' Like Their Ancestors

Apr 23rd, 12
Recent study results indicate horses can still slow their body processes to conserve energy when food is short and temperatures are cold, an important survival tactic for their wild ancestors....Read More »

Ask the Vet LIVE: Upper Respiratory Podcast Archived

Apr 23rd, 12
The recording of's Ask the Vet LIVE event on the horse's upper respiratory tract from April 19, 2012, is now available below....Read More »

Prevention and Management to Protect Against Strangles

Apr 23rd, 12
As competition season approaches, it is important to remember that strangles is a highly infectious disease that can have severe consequences for horses. Understanding what it is, how it is spread, and treatment options is crucial for caretakers....Read More »

Montana Barn Fire Claims 19 Horses

Apr 23rd, 12
The blaze broke out just after 5 a.m. on April 23. All 19 horses residing in the 20,000 square foot barn perished. ...Read More »

Congress Sets Hearing on Health, Safety in Horse Racing

Apr 23rd, 12
The hearing is titled "A Review of Efforts to Protect the Health of Jockeys and Horses in Horseracing." The last congressional hearing on horse racing was held in June 2008 and dealt with similar issues, including equine medication....Read More »

Understanding Breeding Soundness Exams for Stallions

Apr 22nd, 12
When assessing a stallion for breeding purposes, one researcher recommended starting with a detailed case history and general physical examination, followed by a thorough genitalia assessment and analysis of the horse's libido and semen....Read More »

Pennsylvania's First Case of WNV in 2012 Confirmed

Apr 22nd, 12
Entomologists are predicting that weather conditions could make this a particularly heavy mosquito season, and a two-pronged approach of vaccination and management is the most successful way to avoid the disease, one veterinarian said....Read More »

April Wild Horse, Burro Advisory Board Meeting to be Webcast

Apr 22nd, 12
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting April 23-24 in Reno, Nev., can be viewed online via webcast. ...Read More »

Registration Open for AAEP Hind Limb Lameness Seminar

Apr 22nd, 12
Registration is now open for the American Association of Equine Practitioners' (AAEP) two-for-one summer educational meetings: "Focus on Hindlimb Lameness" and the Business Education Workshop....Read More »

UHC's Operation Gelding Program Assists 32 Horses in March

Apr 22nd, 12
With the help of the Kentucky Horse Council, the Santa Rosa County Horse Assistance Council, and the All American Miniature Horse Club, the UHC was able to assist 32 stallions in just 15 days. Operation Gelding has castrated 406 stallions to date....Read More »

RVC Receives Life-Size Horse Model for Student Teaching

Apr 22nd, 12
The presentation of the horse was followed by a tour of the Equine Diagnostic Centre, which allowed the visitors to see digital radiograph (X ray) equipment and view the computed tomography (CT) scanner, which allows a standing horse to be examined....Read More »

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